Kaplan FAIL

I have been reviewing for my NAPLEX, which I am taking on October 1st. I started out with the APhA Review book, which is just too much. Thankfully, my friend Elly told me so, and recommended the Kaplan book, which is much more concise. I ordered it online for next day delivery, and at first I was so excited about the conciseness of it. I felt that it would have been a great thing to have during pharmacy school, if only for the tables. Then I got past the cardiology section. As the book goes on, it just gets worse. One section talking about TB said that a positive PPD was indicative of HIV, and they evidently used cut and paste, because some of the MOAs of certain classes of drugs were completely wrong.

I took the online practice exam, and when I was going through the results and explanations with my friend Summer, we realized that we actually were right on several accounts, but they marked the wrong answer as correct, even when they said in the explanation that our answer was the correct one. Honestly, if the basic outline wasn’t so useful, I would throw the book away. Thankfully, we are educated enough to know the difference and figure out the true answers.

Here is an example of really bad editing:

Not sure how Phase III trials and Cardiovascular Disorders are directly related