The MCM Web

Getting excited/nervous to go to the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, affectionately called “Midyear” or “MCM”. It really doesn’t matter where it’s at for me, although Anaheim is a shorter flight from Hawai’i than some other places….

SO much can happen at Midyear. If you aren’t prepared in every way, it could just pass you by. That also means being ready to switch gears and take advantage of a great opportunity. It’s all about networking! The people you work with, go to school with, or the ones who used to work with the people you work with could make or break you in pharmacy. I am in a residency in paradise thanks to a preceptor who mentioned my name. I am forever grateful to him, for my life has taken a completely different (and positive) course. Never discount a connection.

We are all connected, part of the healthcare web. As we branch out and become more interdisciplinary, our connections will include other healthcare providers. Doctors, nurses, NPs, PAs and the like will be recommending us… or not.

See you all in Anaheim!