Collaborative you say?

amednews: Doctor-pharmacist teamwork can apply to many settings :: Aug. 16, 2010 … American Medical News.

Yet another great article shared by my mentor Bill Jones. I love that guy!

I think that CDTM (Collaborative Drug Therapy Management) needs to be rethought as a term to describe our practice. While I think it better reflects what SHOULD happen than MTM, which doesn’t imply any collaboration, I feel that Drug Therapy Management really doesn’t encompass all the services/talent/VALUE pharmacists offer. We not only manage drug therapy, but we counsel on the medications, on compliance, on other factors such as disease progression, smoking cessation, etc. Sometimes, I think we should have a degree in social work with all that we are faced with. It might help us help our patients better, but it would deter us from what we need to be doing…or would it?

I think if patients are the priority, then CPC for Collaborative Patient Care sounds super! Each person fulfills their role in the Collaborative Cloud, if you will. Rather than consider medication management as a separate entity by labeling it MTM or CDTM, why not just include it in what is necessary for proper patient care?  With the right approach, we could have our patients sitting on Cloud 9.