Sometimes, you jump out on a limb, and it ends up being the right thing to do. I have been scheduling CMR’s (Complete Medication Reviews) with patients over the phone. It’s a delicate process, as: 1) they aren’t used to getting a call from a pharmacist; 2) they don’t trust a “free service”; 3) they think their doctor knows all about their medications and everything is fine.

Well, today I called one patient who really just didn’t want the service, and this patient actually hung up on me before I could say anything else. I went to document Patient Refusal, but there were several concerning drug interactions in her profile. When I called back to ask for at least permission to approach her PCP with concerns, she realized I was not who she thought, and I was able to schedule a CMR for the new year.

Persistence paid off in this case, for both of us.