Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

Today at a conference, a very important speaker from the Governor’s office was introduced in a unique way (leave it to Hawai’i to make it fun and informal). The person moderating had looked this speaker up on Google and had found out all kinds of things about her, such as the fact that she was married, which organizations she had been a part of, hobbies, which social networks she was on, where she used to live, etc. I periodically Google my name, but I thought it might be a good idea to try it again.

Try Googling “Amy Baker”. You get a bunch of articles about a woman with some major psychological and legal issues. NOT ME. If you Google “Amy Baker”, pharmacist, you get a better view of what I have floating out there on the interwebs. There’s a recent press release, information on my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and even some specific Tweets. There is evidence of my involvement with my College of Pharmacy, with the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy, as well as with ASHP (ASHPIntersections, ASHP Blog, Twitter Champ, National position). There’s a publication I am an author on. There is evidence of my NPI, and probably lots more. All I see is professional though, which makes me happy.

What do you get when YOU Google YOU?