Tipping Point

I find it “amusing” that our mentor Bill Jones has said numerous times that pharmacy residents aren’t very good at things for their first 6 months, and that after that, things start to click and they pick up momentum. Yesterday was our 6-month point in the residency, and I feel that we have reached the top of a hill, and right about now, we are tilting forward, about to shoot down the hill, picking up more and more speed. Something has certainly clicked, and I feel that things are starting to happen. I haven’t had the feedback I need, but I feel that I am learning how to be effective, at least in this environment.

Sheena and I are in the midst of: starting our data collection for our projects; presenting to the Maui County Medical Society (tonight) about who we are and what we do; preparing our presentation for the Western States Conference; starting up both an immunization clinic and a cardiovascular risk reduction clinic; prepping for the new residents coming in July; setting up rotations on other islands; and putting together a business plan for the Maui branch of the UH Hilo College of Pharmacy. I might have left something out, but that is pretty much all we are attempting to do in the next month.

It’s exciting and nerve wracking all at once.

Plus, I have to finish up my CV, finish the applications for licensure transfer to other states, and start applying for jobs for when I am done with the residency in October. That doesn’t even begin to address all that is going on with my daughter, but that is for another blog at another time.

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