Take Control of the Situation!

I think¬†pharmacies¬†need to take more control on the patient’s behalf. They need to get away from the drugstore model and be more involved with the patient. Wouldn’t it be great if you made an appointment with your pharmacist once a month to pick up your meds? You make a 15-minute appointment, everything like prior auths, ordering, etc are taken care of ahead of time, and you have 15 minutes where the pharmacist can address concerns, or you can ask questions, voice concerns, etc. You are done for the month, no need to come in every week because all of your medications were prescribed at off times. How about a deal with physicians where they call you before writing a prescription to see when the other refills are? Then the physician could write a prescription for the remainder of the time, and then another one for the actual month…. I like it! I want to meet with all of the physicians to do this.