About Me

First and foremost, I am a seeker of truth, and my path recently has been to uncover my Personal Truth in order to live a life more aligned with my heart and soul. It is a painful, beautiful, and liberating journey that I am sharing with more people than I thought possible.

Picture by Greg Edwards Photography

Professionally, I am a pharmacist trained in Western medicine, but unconvinced it is sufficient in itself. I believe in holistic practices, where we nurture ourselves, others, and our planet. We do not live in a vacuum, and our body is affected by everything and everyone. Additionally, health is ever-evolving. To think that a chronic medication, or even an acute one, will fix most health problems is a narrow view of human health. My goal in everything I do is to Help Others Help Themselves, hence after completing my community pharmacy residency here on Maui, I started my consulting business Helping Others Thrive, LLC.

Personally, I am a mother of one, an adventurer, and a mover. I was a dancer for most of my life, mostly studying ballet, but branching out into modern, jazz, flamenco, Russian folk dance, and more. I started yoga practice as a dancer, and over the past 20 years have studied Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa Flow, and now Anusara. For several years, I was active in running, triathlon, and cycling, and found recently that these uniplanar activities were not serving me spiritually. I have recently rekindled my love for movement and have been diving into Anusara yoga and any dance experience I can find, including contact improv and 5Rhythms.

I believe and subscribe to complementary and alternative therapies, and I feel that we need more pharmacists with a thorough knowledge of herbals and how they interact with the body and with current other medications, and that if we combine that with intimate knowledge of the benefits of spiritual practice, we can truly help others find their own path to vibrant health. Please join me on my journey of discovering and sharing these multiple practices.


Amy Baker, PharmD

  • Jennifer Smith

    Hi Amy,
    I did not know alternative medicine was an interest of yours. I am happy to hear this! This has been an interest of mine. I also believe in teaching our patients about proper nutrition… I hope your adventure in Maui takes you where you want to go in your career! Jen

    • Thanks Jen!! Maui is a good place to study this. Hope all is well!

  • Ian Alcancia

    Hi Amy,
    I just had a question for you. I am planning on taking the Hawaii MPJE and was wondering how you studied for the exam (do you have any tips or suggestions) Currently, I am just reading the material posted on the Hawaii Board of Pharmacy website. Please let me know any feedback you have to offer. Thanks so much

    • I printed out the material, which you may notice is not all up to date. Then, I highlighted what I felt important. I also made flash cards, which were somewhat helpful. Making them helped drive points home.
      What helped me the most was the book “Guide to Federal Pharmacy Law”, Barry S. Reiss (Author), Gary D. Hall (Author). There is a 7th edition that I believe just came out. It is only federal law, but it helps you focus on the most important things and gives you questions to ask yourself (what differences are most pertinent). That book was critical to my passing the exam.
      Good luck!

  • Bill Hunt (from UNM, Center for life))

    HI AMY Baker (no more almost Dr Baker)

    Good to see you, even if it is only on the web. How is Maui, i love the place, really expensive isn’t it? How is your kid, does she still use the ink set. How is biking in Maui, and will you stay?

    Please, please send your weather to New Mexico, im not sure i can make it.

    Hope all is well.


    William K. Hunt, Ph.D

    • Hello Bill!
      Maui is beautiful, but very expensive. I probably won’t stay, since I need to pay off my student loans some day. Perhaps I can come back when my child is grown. I just got back from 3 weeks in New Mexico. I should have come by the CFL to say Hi.
      Keely is good. ..growing too fast of course. She busted the ink all over our wood floors before we moved, so I am afraid she isn’t using them right now. I did buy her a calligraphy book, but I am afraid to buy her any more ink!
      When will CFL need a pharmacist? Looking to move home.