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One plus about living at Hawaii Standard Time: you get off early because the east coast is shutting down when you are going to lunch. One negative about living at Hawaii Standard Time: when you sign up for a webinar …

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This week was pivotal in our residency moving forward. My co-resident SJ and I are involved in a new residency, new for everyone involved. It was originally a “regular” PGY1 pharmacy residency, with half or more of our experiences inpatient …

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I wish I had known about this site before I moved to Hawaii.  It takes a salary you put in, the place you are moving from, where you are moving to, and then compares the biggest essential costs of living. …

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I have been meaning to post this for a while, but I think with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and seeing all the depressed faces here on the mainland, I feel it is high time. I find myself …

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Well, yesterday was certainly an Aloha Friday for me! I received my first paycheck as a pharmacist, which was disappointingly small due to taxes. Still, income is nice after a long stint of being unemployed. Then, I came home while …

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Flew to Hana Wednesday for a talk to seniors and their caregivers about high-risk medications. I would have taken more pictures, but my battery on my camera was dying. It was an interesting day. We were supposed to check in …

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    As part of the residency, we will be working in different capacities in Hana. For anyone who knows about Hana, you know that the drive there is long and difficult, not really to be done roundtrip in one …

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    The other resident, Sheena, and I went to the Lahaina Plantation Days last night. It was somewhat of a crash course in local Hawaiian culture. One thing I notice here is the sense of community. Hawaii is all …

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Again, stolen from the ASHP Daily Briefing: (Looks like Hawaii cleaned up, but it’s not the only state to partake in the litigation) Some 40 Drug Companies Will Pay Hawaii $82 Million To Settle Price Inflation Claims.     The AP …

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Excited to say that I finally have a start date for my residency. Moving to Maui October 16th, starting October 19th. At least, that is the plan for now.

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