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This entire article was taken directly from Pharmacists Aren’t Health Care Providers? Really? Washington, D.C.—Pharmacists seeking to expand their scope of practice have some powerful allies in the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS), but progress is likely to be …

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When I think of pushing forward with initiating new services and knowing that I will have many people shoot me down right away, I must remember the following: Nicolo Machiavelli, 1513 (per Paul Ridker, MD):  It must be considered that …

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Well, another productive day. I spoke with a pharmacist at HMSA/Healthways who truly backs me. She told me how reimbursement really is (at least in Hawaii), and ways I can make a difference. Then, she connected me to people who …

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So many things running around in my brain, I can hardly keep up. It’s exciting, yet nerve-wracking. I am nearing the end of my residency, and I feel like I am just now gaining speed. I think having the new …

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We received our IRB approval!! Amen

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What is it about residency that makes people crazy, that drives women to cry and seek out counseling? Is it that there are so many things to do, and you don’t see how any one person (YOU) can do it …

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Were you one of the prospective residents last year that researched and networked with programs for nearly two years, flew out to both visit and interview at each site (at least in my case), only to NOT MATCH? I was. …

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One plus about living at Hawaii Standard Time: you get off early because the east coast is shutting down when you are going to lunch. One negative about living at Hawaii Standard Time: when you sign up for a webinar …

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Part of the residency is attempting to personalize the year to the resident’s interests. My electives will be exponentially different if I want to open my own pharmacy vs become a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) upon completion of the residency. …

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This week was pivotal in our residency moving forward. My co-resident SJ and I are involved in a new residency, new for everyone involved. It was originally a “regular” PGY1 pharmacy residency, with half or more of our experiences inpatient …

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