Keely Dawn Mission Berklee

Keely Dawn’s dream school is Berklee College of Music. It’s one of the most respected, well rounded music schools in the world. She went to L.A. last summer to audition and got in, but she couldn’t pull together the $23,000 for the summer session in the 6 weeks before the year started, so she deferred.
NOW, she is gearing up to start this May, and is needing all the help she can get.

What have we done to reach our goal?

  1. We transformed our in-law into a store and held a BuckIt Sale at our home, and raised about $1000 selling items we no longer need. There is still much to sell.
  2. I have held Gateless Writing Salons, with proceeds going toward Keely’s tuition.
  3. She is working at a restaurant and putting the majority of her money toward tuition.
  4. She is transferring her UTMA account to a 529 college savings fund.
  5. I am putting my extra dough into a 529 fund.
  6. Keely is also taking weekly piano and music theory lessons to prepare. The money that goes toward this is a worthwhile investment in her education that may help her test out of a course.
  7. We have reached out to friends and family with this fundraiser.
  8. We trust and believe that Dreams Come True!

Why would it matter to you?

Because at some point in your life, you had a dream. 

Perhaps yours came true, and you realize it was through community support, generous benefactors and reaching out for help you were able to get through the toughest times.

Perhaps yours didn’t come true, and you wish it had. That is the case for me. I did not have financial support when I needed it most, and I ended up giving up a full scholarship to San Francisco Ballet School, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. If only I had known how to reach out for help then. If only I had known that there were people who supported me and would have helped out!

I want Keely to feel the support of community. I want her to know the power of asking for help.

I want every young person heading out into the world and pursuing their passion to have community.

I know that every bit of support is not only helping financially, it is helping her understand she is not alone and she can ask for help. Of course, the work needs to be done by her, but nobody is successful without the support and collaboration of numerous others.

If you believe Dreams Come True, please contribute any amount, and please, please share.

In gratitude,

Amy Baker and Keely Dawn