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Below is a blurb from the ASHP Daily Briefing. The last line is something that just shouldn’t be happening. Many Patients Struggle With “Take as Directed” Prescription Label Instructions. The New York Times (7/5, D6, Span, Subscription Publication) reports that “patients must …

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Sometimes, you jump out on a limb, and it ends up being the right thing to do. I have been scheduling CMR’s (Complete Medication Reviews) with patients over the phone. It’s a delicate process, as: 1) they aren’t used to …

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Flew to Hana Wednesday for a talk to seniors and their caregivers about high-risk medications. I would have taken more pictures, but my battery on my camera was dying. It was an interesting day. We were supposed to check in …

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    As part of the residency, we will be working in different capacities in Hana. For anyone who knows about Hana, you know that the drive there is long and difficult, not really to be done roundtrip in one …

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