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Express Scripts- Medco Merger The Final Straw for Community Pharmacy

I read NCPA’s blog The Dose, and sometimes it takes a few days to get to the email in my inbox with the initial blurb. Today’s talked about a New Mexico independent pharmacist. Being from there, I had to see

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Working on vacation is (not) paying off

Let me explain. It’s actually paying off for me quite well. I have a lot of patients to meet with before January 14th, so I have been working from New Mexico, using my computer and my phone. Well, I can

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Working Off Line 1

Well, despite the time difference, I was able to get a lot of great work done yesterday. If only I had known how much you can get done via phone with the doctors, I might have started using my personal

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Medicare Fraud Hits Home

Nice to know that people in my hometown state are pulling this kind of crap (NOT). US Charges 73 In Largest-Ever Medicare Fraud Case.     The¬†Wall Street Journal (10/14, Rothfeld) reports that on Wednesday, a group of Armenian-American criminals

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