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I love when things start to fall into place. I recently spoke with a physician who would love to have the help of a pharmacist in managing his new pain patients, all of whom filtered over from another doc (or …

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It seems that many independents around the country are closing their doors or selling out to large corporations like Walgreens. Insurance reimbursement is just too low, despite good volume of prescriptions. The problem with this is that most people actually …

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It seems that independents may finally get what they deserve. I truly can’t see how this will inevitably affect Walgreens and other supergiants. I think they might feel more like a personal pharmacy when not driven by the hands of …

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Below is a blurb from the ASHP Daily Briefing. The last line is something that just shouldn’t be happening. Many Patients Struggle With “Take as Directed” Prescription Label Instructions. The New York Times (7/5, D6, Span, Subscription Publication) reports that “patients must …

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Again, stolen from the ASHP Daily Briefing: (Looks like Hawaii cleaned up, but it’s not the only state to partake in the litigation) Some 40 Drug Companies Will Pay Hawaii $82 Million To Settle Price Inflation Claims.     The AP …

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