Midyear, Day 1

I wasn’t excited about the cold, but it didn’t take long before the excitement of Midyear hit me.  Sheena and I got into Anaheim around 11pm (9pm our time) last night and decided we needed food. I was wired, but forced myself to go to bed, for a full 3.5 hours. Nothing like hitting the ground running early on a Sunday morning with so little sleep. An easy shuttle ride to the convention center, and we were on our way.

We sat in for several Great eXpectations sessions, which were lively, thought-provoking, and fun. Lots of information regarding working with different communication styles that will be easy to apply in all aspects of my life. I then went to hear a bit about the new BCACP certification, then on to learn about Resi-Trak, something I am not clear on yet, 7 weeks into my residency. And have any of you checked out PharmPortfolio? Looks to be a great tool, once I figure it out.

I am currently waiting for the New Practitioner Social Networking Hour to start. It’s exciting to see people again and see what everyone is doing. I am also tweeting away, not only because of the Twitter Competition, but because I really do want to share what I can and learn from others. It’s catching on! Tomorrow, there are several posters regarding Social Media in Pharmacy, and I can’t wait to see those! Speaking of social media, here is a shameless plug on an article I was quoted in: Pharmacy in the Age of Social Networking. Intersections has really changed, and I highly recommend checking it out. As far as posters go, I am a bit disappointed there aren’t more posters addressing integrative medicine. Maybe I can change that in the future.  Anyone on board with me?

I am also trying to get in touch with other Community Pharmacy Residents to share ideas and experiences and get a network started. Midyear gets the creative juices flowing, reestablishes connections, forgets new ones, and generally helps me in moving the practice forward.

ASHP is my professional home, more and more each year.