About Me

The prescription for health is not what we’ve been sold

First and foremost, I am a seeker of truth, and that has led me strongly since 2009. I also have been looking to the root of anything I love, and specifically health since I can remember.

Unfortunately, our society’s definition of Health is largely focused on external factors and on fixing problems. This is a limited approach, as our system shows. I have a more constructive way.

I have spent the last 20 + years studying Medicine, Pharmacy and Health. I spent 11 years as a pharmacist and healthcare administrator. Surprisingly, I never wanted to be a pharmacist. The idea of “dis-ease state management” made me want to puke and it still does. I really wanted to be a physician because I wanted to heal people. It turns out that our sickcare system really doesn’t allow for that either. 

Knowing that our sickcare system doesn’t actually foster health had me looking for the root cause of disease. So, I completed a fellowship in anti-aging, metabolic and regenerative medicine. I reached the end of the 3 years and yet again realized I was not at the root of true health.

While I was able to find the root cause of someone’s illness on a metabolic and chemical level, I knew that if the person didn’t have the self-worth, resources and tools to advocate for themselves, they would not be able to change their lifestyle to the degree necessary to be healthy. I had 20 years of study and research under my belt and felt helpless in actually helping someone.

During the summer of 2020, a personal relational crisis led me to The Relationship School, and a subsequent 9-month Journey deep into my relational patterns, my personal truth, and the intersection of my nervous system and others’. I became certified as a Relationship Coach on paper, but internally I aligned with my truth.

I dove into what I know is true.

I learned to navigate my nervous system and continue to do so.

Every day, it is more and more clear to me that the root of Health is nervous system health and resilience. 

You may be asking what on Earth does that mean?

Here is where we start the conversation of what that means, because when we embrace this concept in society:
* We will individually be empowered in all areas of our life
* We will unleash ourselves from the sickcare system.
* We will foster and allow healthy and secure relationships, both individually and in community.
* We will heal traumas and therefore reduce intergenerational trauma.
* We will become a society of free thinking, sovereign individuals, unleashed from the wheel of addiction and consumerism.

When we heal ourselves, we are able to heal others. Our system capitalizes on dysregulated nervous systems.

When we become the steward of our nervous system and our health, we are sovereign individuals that are unmanipulable.

This journey has taken me deep into my own relational and trauma healing and research into trauma, somatics, thought work, personal empowerment, mindset, nervous system advancements, and more. I am combining my personal past challenges of sexual trauma, addiction, eating disorders, depression and emotional lability, and years of therapy with knowledge from 20 + years of leadership, nearly 40 Years of dancing, 30 years of yoga and other somatic practices, athletic endeavors, years of studies in Taoism and sexuality, Vipassana meditation, Gateless writing, and more into this one, simple understanding:

A healthy and resilient nervous system is the core of health, therefore..

If we are not addressing our nervous system health, we are not addressing health.

To your vibrant health,

Dr. Amy Baker