The Pleasure Path Program gives you a step-by-step process to live and love on your terms, with ZERO apologies 🎯

You’ll learn how you get off course in owning and creating your joy, and then tools to get you back on track, over and over. As a result, you’ll reduce drama and energy drains, allowing you more time and space for joy (and pleasure) in love and life.

What Can You Expect From Working Together?

You show up fully in your life and relationships 💖

No more feeling like an actor in your own life. You are now the director of your Life, in work and love!

Less Stress, More Joy 💖

You stop outsourcing your power, safety and joy (in love, work or life in general). No more drama or drains, in work or love.

Empowerment 💖

Take your power back so that you can finally live and love on your terms.

Deep, meaningful and fun relationships 💖

Learn to foster safe and secure relationships. No more toxic relationships!

Renewed passion and vitality 💖

Learn to access your desires and start asking for what you really want (and get it!)

Stop apologizing 💖

No more justifying who you are and what you want in life.

This is your personal invitation to attend a private pleasure path breakthrough experience.  You’ll get my best coaching, consulting, mentoring, and training secrets spoon-fed to you in a personal and intimate setting.


What You'll Get

  • Exclusive 8 week Pleasure Path Growth Mentoring Program
  • The 3 VITAL elements to catalyze personal transformation (most people only have the first one)
  • Pre and post-assessment of your personal compass alignment, to see how far you’ve come!
  • Simple and powerful tools to bring clarity and connection to your life and relationships
  • Detailed blueprints, guides, and checklists to integrate and implement the tools into your life quickly, saving you time, headaches, and heartaches!
  • Weekly group coaching, so you get community and live support ( and challenge)
  • Kick ass accountability system to keep you focused, on track and in massive action
Working together will give you the awareness of where you can regain power in your life (and therefore joy), as well as lifelong tools to keep increasing your personal power and joy. Giving you valuable feedback, ideas, and a safe place to grow. I look forward to coaching you to accomplish what you TRULY want in life. As we begin our work together, it’s important that you are familiar with the following procedures. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me any time.

Pleasure Path Procedures

We will meet at our specified time each week over 8 weeks in our virtual room. We will also connect throughout the week via our Passion Path Compass for check-ins, updates, feedback, and accountability.

Our goal for you is to understand and integrate these tools into your life as quickly as possible as a result of our work together. Get ready to be honest and vulnerable, so that I can help you move toward your joy more quickly.

Bottom line, you’ll learn to take back your power, be authentic in your relationships and live and love on your terms, with ZERO apologies! Together, we’ll get you empowered and feeling vital and joyful again!

I look forward to an amazing journey together!

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I have spent the last 20 + years studying Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, with 11 years as a pharmacist and healthcare administrator. Surprisingly, I never wanted to be a pharmacist. The idea of “dis-ease state management” made me want to puke and it still does. I really wanted to be a physician because I wanted to heal people. It turns out that our sickcare system really doesn’t allow for that either.

During the summer of 2020, a personal relational crisis led me to The Relationship School, and a subsequent 9-month Journey deep into my relational patterns, my personal truth, and the intersection of my nervous system and others’. I became certified as a Relationship Coach on paper, but internally I aligned with my truth.

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